Tbol vs. Dbol

Tbol, which is also referred to as Tbol or ‘’Dianabol without bloating” has been a superb choice for elite athletes and body builders for several years. Tbol’s structure is very akin to Dbol’s, and which is still famous for its connections with East Germany’s state-sponsored doping program.  Tbol was created specifically as a performance enhancer by the East Germans, so unlike most other steroids, there are no medical uses for it.

Tbol is available in both oral and injectable forms and its active life is 16 hours, while its half-life is 8 hours. Injectable forms of Tbol are however hardly found on the market. Turinabol’s molecular weight is 334.8854 g/mol at the base and it is possible to detect it over a six-week period.

Tbol promotes slow but unique muscle mass and strength gains, which is one of the best things about this steroid. Users of this steroid can expect to have hard and refined looks after 4-8 weeks. It is popular due to its ability to promote fat-free muscle mass, and it is the ideal choice for those athletes who are seeking to have hard and well defined muscle mass. Turinabol use is also related to augmented muscle mass, muscle fiber size, better protein synthesis, plus performances enhancements.


Dianabol, whose other names are Dbol and Methandrostenolone, is one of the oldest and most trusted steroids in both the athletic and bodybuilding community.  Under the Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 1990, Dbol has been classified as a Schedule III drug.  It is a performance enhancing drug that can only be best defined as a very anabolic and androgenic drug providing little progestational activity.  Thus, it enjoys a lot of popularity amongst both beginners and experienced steroid users and athletes.

Dbol has a great effect on protein metabolism in that it helps to improve muscle growth as well as IGV levels. The use of Dbol is also connected to an improvement of calcium and potassium levels in the body. Since the steroid offers that “magic” kick-start that every user is looking for, it is preferably used at the beginning of an extended bulking circle to stimulate mass and strength gains.  Although some people have always been of the opinion that Dbol kicks in immediately after they take the very first pill, that is not however always realistic.  Users generally report experiencing a kick after taking 3 doses of Dbol. For those looking for that traditional wet bulking circle, Dbol is a perfect combination.

Tbol vs. Dbol

Tbol is a derivative of Dbol, but that is where their similarities stop. There is an additional 4chloro variation with Tbol, and this is the aspect that differentiates the two steroids. Choosing between Turinabol and Dianabol will actually depend on the goals that the user wants to achieve. If you want to add clean mass and strength without any concerns about water and side effects, then you should settle for Tbol. In case you prefer to go slow, lean gains without any side effects, Tbol is recommended for you.  Although Dbol tends to make you feel like you are on top of the world, your gains will not be as clean as Tbol’s.

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