What is Ostarine?

What is Ostarine? And what should one expect while taking it?

Ostarine is a Selective Androgen Reception Modulator (SARM) which was developed to fight muscle wasting and osteoporosis. It was developed by the pharmaceutical company GTX.

Ostarine is also known as MK-2866 or Enobosarm. This SARM is legal in most countries and helps to retain and increase lean body mass. It is considered to be totally safe and promotes consistent muscle gain over a cycle.

What happens when you take Ostarine?

Unlike steroids which convert into estrogen and cause water retention and bloating, Ostarine only affects certain bone and muscle tissues in the body. They target and bind to the androgen receptors, which then show bone and muscle related anabolic activity.

a picture of a bottle of liquid Ostarine

This constructive metabolism causes higher protein synthesis and results in muscle gain and retention without any side effects.

Benefits of taking Ostarine

Since Ostarine uses anabolic effects on the muscle tissues, it acts as a potential cure for muscle wasting. It is largely beneficial to people looking to build muscles as it can help gain around 5-10lbs of muscle mass in one cycle (several weeks).

It also helps to increase bone density and strength along with the muscle mass. It also results in reduced fat storage in the body. Ostarine is also administered to reduce degeneration in patients who are recovering from serious accidents or critical surgeries (recovering from chemotherapy).

Bodybuilding with this SARM

It is also used for bulking and cutting cycles by adjusting the dosage amount. The advantages of using Ostarine is well documented, and no side effects have shown up yet.

The use of Ostarine will not cause increased blood pressure or liver toxicity if taken in the prescribed amount.

As Ostarine has 24-hour half-life there is practically no need to split up the daily dosage.

Precautions while using Ostarine

Ostarine is not meant to be taken throughout the year. It should be taken in cycles with daily dosage not increasing more than 35mg unless prescribed by a physician. However, it may cause nausea and headache on some users.

People with oily skin and acne have increased a chance of Ostarine affecting the skin in a bad way.

Alcohol consumption is to be limited while being administered Ostarine as alcohol may produce estrogen in the body which would lead to bloating. Overconsumption of the SARM may also cause Gyno if one is sensitive in this way.

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